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Gennadiy Podvoysky “The Wave”


Podvoisky Gennady 1941-2018.
The artist from the party of nonconformists of 70-80 years, who is called the last of the hippies`. Up to 50 years was engaged in heavy physical labor: he worked as a bricklayer, a fireman in the blacksmith shop. Parallel
He worked in Grekovka (Odessa Art College named after MB Grekov) as a model. There imbued with an artistic spirit.
Pupil Alikberova Vitaly.

Since the 1970s, he is known in Odessa as a non-conformist artist and poet.

Participated in exhibitions TOX, 1990 – `Modern Odessa Painting`. Gallery `Red Square`, Odessa, Ukraine.

1995 – Gallery `Triton`. Odessa, Ukraine.

The works of Gennady Podvoisky are in museums and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.


Геннадий Подвoйский “Волна” холст/масло, 90х70


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