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“My Ukraine- my Pain” 100x80cm, 2022 exhibited in Brugge, Belgium.


My grandmother survived the October Revolution of 1017, the Second World War and the Holodomor. In the middle of the war, she was wailing my 15-year-old future mother in the field, shells were flying through the yak. She tryed to hide her daughter from the  forced resettlement to Germany. Today my grandmother and my mothers are no longer alive and  I quiet, I can’t imagine what kind of stench they would have known about Russia treacherously attacked us. Until my creative path of dedication to the beauty of our planet, the beauty of people. And today, I want to show the whole world, how many millions of Ukrainians feeling now. If someone decides to buy this picture, know all the funds received from the sale, I will transfer to the fund of our VICTORY!


Tatyana Binovska “My Ukraine- my PAIN” Oil on canvas, 100×80 cm, 2022


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