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Oleg Staykov “Night”

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Oleg Staikov “The night” oil / canvas, 64X45 cm, 1992

1957 Born in Odessa.
1969-1972 Studying at the Odessa Art School named after K. Kostandi.
1972-1974 Studying at the Odessa State Art School named after M. Grekov.
Since 1974 he began to participate in exhibitions.
1980s Fulfills orders of the art plant of the Odessa branch of the art fund. Works in the poster, mainly in collaboration with A. M. Lekomtsev and E. P. Morozovsky.
Comments: S.’s works are kept in the Russian State Library (RSL), Moscow, in museums of Ukraine and in private collections.


Олег Стайков “Ночь”, холст/масло, 64х45, 1992 год


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