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Victor Pavlov “Untitled”


Pavlov Victor Anatolyevich was born on October 15, 1947 in Odessa.

In 1961, he visited the art studio at the State Museum of Fine Arts. AS Pushkin in Moscow.

In 1965 he entered the art-design department of the Odessa Technical School of the Soviet Trade (Patrov V. K.) and 2 years later, after its reorganization, transferred to the pictorial and pedagogical department of the OGHU. M. B. Grekova (Ya. V. Kirichek). In 1971, on the diploma course I attended the 0.A.Sokolov studio.

1978-1988 monumental artist of the Odessa Art-Production Plant HF UkSSR.

Participant of “apartment” exhibitions in Odessa, group exhibitions as a part of the creative group “Belyaevo 100” (Moscow), joint creative activity with V. Khrushch.

Since 2007, a member of the Association of European Artists.

Participant of numerous international exhibitions. He is fond of photography and philosophy, developing the theory of “The Sphere of New Platonism”.

The works of Viktor Pavlov are in collections of museums of modern art and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

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Victor Pavlov “Untitled” 29х40, paper / watercolor 1993


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