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“Cappers Flowers” 30x20cm, available in Binovska Gallery, Cyprus.


Capparis spinosa L.

We’ve been living on top of the world for over a week now. The place called Akrounta village! This is too strong a word, but in fact we live on a hill and from our house there is a magnificent view of the village of Akrunta. For a whole week I did not go down from the house – even such a desire did not arise. Because of my hypertension, it is difficult for me to walk uphill. But I still tried to walk a little and in the evening I found amazing flowers. And today I read about them and to my great surprise, it turned out that these are CAPERS!

This Beautiful flowers take my attention and love and I like to share it with you! Hope you will like it!


Tatyana Binovska “Cappers Flowers” Oil painting, 30x20cm, 2022


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