My online portraits.

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  Today I want to dedicate my post to portraits. It is very difficult for me to count how many portraits I have written in my life. Countless. I love people, I admire people and I paint portraits with great … Читать далее

South Africa. Bartolomeo Diaz

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   The first European who enter South Africa was Bartolomeu Diaz and it happened in 1488. Bartolomeo Diaz (1450-1500) was a scientist, he studied mathematics and astrology at the University of Lisbon. After graduation, he worked as a manager of … Читать далее

South Africa. History.

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How interesting that my life is not only the life of an artist. I can say with confidence that I live not one, but several interesting lives at once. Artist, teacher, tour guide, head of the port subdivision, gallery owner, … Читать далее

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