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“January Metamorphoses” 100x80cm, 2021. Available at Binovska Gallery, Ukraine.


“January metamorphoses”, oil on canvas, 100×80 cm,
This winter, I was lucky to get to know closer the fantastic fashion designer Yan Stepanenko closely, and despite all the quarantines and isolation itself, I enjoyed the inspiration that came to me.
This is the third artwork painted as a result of the most beautiful collaboration.
I will try to describe my feelings – when I began to immerse myself in the image, the birds from the attire of a beautiful maiden began to come out of it, they were from the beginning white ibises, very popular in Africa, but then, after swallowing a pomegranate seed, their colour began to change them to red colour!
Having fed the ibises, my beautiful lady also turns into a bird and takes me to where I really want to be now – of course to Africa!
Hope you will enjoy my painting!



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