Murals in my Life.

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  Currently I communicate with man people from all over the world and they hardly know the concept of what life in the Soviet Union is. It was very strange and difficult. We had no opportunity to travel abroad, all … Читать далее

The “Heat” and Prediction

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I prefer to work in series of paintings. Creating a new series, I leave myself the opportunity always return to it and supplement it with new artwork.It is open.So,a series of my Odessa beach works smoothly passed into a series … Читать далее

My paintings of the beginning of 21 Century. Моя живопись начала 21 века.

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I continue to acquaint you with my artwork. At the beginning of the new millennium, life in the post-Soviet republics has changed dramatically and artists have become for the first time in their Life  in demand and not only as … Читать далее

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